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American Express is out to become the champion for corporate employees this Employee Appreciation Day by issuing a rallying cry out loud to bring real change to the modern corporate culture. March 6th, 2020, four different cities; New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago.

The Approach

Often to show gratitude for a friend, someone will say “it’s on me” when grabbing drinks or food. We’ll practice this gesture of appreciation by creating an "It’s On Me Kitchen" inside the office where visitors can pick up coffee and food that is “On American Express.”​The catch is that guests will be served a pair of everything so that they can pay it forward to a colleague or friend. The packaging on one of the items will have a message of thanks from American Express to the visitor, while the second item will have a prompt for that person to write a note of appreciation on it before sharing. To continue the messaging that American Express helps people pay it forward, everything in the room, from the furniture and decor, will be set up in pairs.