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Asso. Design Director
Mike Zoppo


Beginning in November of 2022, Genuis asked to develop an event “IQ/BBQ” as a live engagement platform for bespoke programs and participation during existing cultural moments.

The Approach

Over the course of ten transformative months, our dedicated teams worked through four distinct phases to make a triumphant return to New York City to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop on August 19 at the Knockdown Center.

Amidst the sprawling venue, we brought to life the lyrical treasures, paying homage to the brilliant minds that gave birth to this genre. On every street corner of the venue, our event was an homage to the lyrical genius that defines the soul of hip-hop. It was an evening where "Lyrics take over," weaving together a living tapestry of the culture, memories, and creativity that has shaped a cultural revolution for the past half-century.